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Last night, on a whim, I went to a heavy metal show at the Outback Lodge. Pelican with Black Cobra and Unearthly Trance. Pelican was about as intimidating as the bird itself, but they are a skilled quartet who blast out some engaging instrumental compositions. Unearthly Trance was rather sludgy doomy metal. And Black Cobra was easily the most noise I have ever heard two people make together. They sounded like an orchestra of assault rifles.

The room is absolutely packed. I'm all the way at the rear of the Lodge with my back pressing against a tall table. Toward the end of Black Cobra's set this dude squeezes through the crowd like pudding through clenched teeth toward my position at the back of the room. He's shirtless, young, and totally wasted on some vicious cocktail of booze and barbiturates. He climbs the table behind me and tries to pass out in a comfortable position. Please note, this table does not have four legs. It has single pedestal base for support. The table is starting to rock n roll as this guy shifts his weight and digs his toes into my back. It's not long before I realize that the only thing holding the table upright is me. I have terrible visions of this guy pitching forward, taking the table down on me and chopping me right in half.

During a lull in the explosions on stage the crowd begins to thin and a space opens up off to my right. I yell in the ear of a friend standing next to me, "Hey, I'm going to move over there so this guy can fall off the table." He shrugged and followed, not realizing I was serious. Sure enough, not a minute later, the shirtless wonder tips the table and he goes crashing onto the floor. Fortunately, a couple of beer bottles broke his fall.

And I just laughed. Normally, I'm not a cruel person, but this guy had it coming and the situation tickled me. In fact, it made my day. I still giggle thinking about it. For some reason I derive pleasure from drunks and dope-heads suffering the consequences of their actions. I probably would have been more concerned, but the guy didn't seem any worse on the floor than he had been on his feet. In fact, he probably should have stayed on the floor, but he did have a companion help him up into a chair where he proceeded to pass out again. God loves a drunk.
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