Jan. 22nd, 2008

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One of my favorite cooking smells of all time must be the unique aroma that comes from dropping curry leaves in a frying pan of hot oil. The leaves come from (of course) the curry tree and are used in Indian and Sri Lankan cooking. While cooking a particular Sri Lankan dish recently, I also got dried red chili up my nose. That smells like burning.
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After the baby was born and my quiet private time disappeared, I turned to audio books to satisfy my need for "reading". I still read paper, but I have a lot of time on my feet doing menial chores around the house during which I would be bored to tears without an audiobook on the iPod. Thus far, bit torrent has been my friend. However, recently, I listened to "The Golden Compass" and found the production quality of the multi-cast recording to be so high that I actually feel guilty for not having bought it.

So, I considered Audible.com. But, with the baby here, my budget is also very tight. I'm not sure I can afford to commit to the monthly fee.

How about the library? The selection is limited, but I am giving it a try. I'm borrowing Stephen King's "Cell" at the moment, which I have ripped to my iPod for listening. I'll eventually delete it, too. Not for any moral reason, but because I'm only choosing to listen to books I never intend to "re-read" or to ones I actually own in hardcopy, so I don't have to clutter my hard drive and iPod.

One problem. Out of 11 CDs, each with 17 or so tracks, there are bound to be scratches. Indeed, there are four tracks in "Cell" that I cannot rip successfully due to some damage on the disc. I'm tempted to just torrent the book to get those tracks.

Which leads me to a weird solution to my moral dilemma. Perhaps I shouldn't bother borrowing from the library, but rather only torrent the books online that I could otherwise get from my library.

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